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Fun dog-surfing training to challenge your dog’s balance and concentration




BOARD HIRE (per session)


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Fun dog-surfing training to improve your dog’s balance and concentration!

Surf’s up, sun’s out, it’s time to get your Paws on Board! We offer bespoke water sport lessons so you and your dog can take to the water together. All you need to do is rent a dog-safe board from Shaka Surf and sign up to our  professional classes.

Paws on Board has teamed up with Shaka Surf to create fabulous dog surfing strategies! Working with the whole-body system to create great range of movement throughout the spine, legs and neck, the method protects your dog whilst increasing strength, mobility and ensuring their safety. We cover everything from water confidence to calmness, all through the magic of surfing.

This hugely popular sport has been creating a storm in the media. As part of a documentary for Channel 5, Paws on Board and Shaka Surf were filmed taking pups to the water. This years Dog Masters surf competition is going to be bigger and better than before.

Who knows, you could be our next surf dog champion for the UK’s largest Annual Dog Surfing competition! What will your next challenge be?



This amazing class will help with all aspects of fitness and confidence leading to a safe and comfortable ‘surf perfect dog’, ready for the summer Dog Surf Competition 2021.

  • Training your dog to have strength in their core system and confidence in the water.
  • Improve movement and flexibility so they can be safe and strong.
  • Boost confidence, surfboard or paddleboard skills and develop a love of water.

The importance of strength for dogs in water has been underrated and often not considered. Dogs are just as susceptible to injuries or fatigue as we are – never underestimate how much you could prevent these injuries with some core stability exercises and by helping your dog to get to better know their body.

Note: A dog will have to take part in a six week course in order to achieve the results they are looking for.

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