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About Vicky


Hi, I’m Vicky!

For as long as I can remember, my love for dogs has impacted on every aspect of my life; every letter to Santa, every birthday wish list.  When I was 5, my Auntie Sue bought me my first dog.  His name is ‘Drooper the wonder dog’ yes he is a stuffed dog but I taught him every trick I could think of!
Aged 10, my Dad returned home with a real-life fluffy pup. I was ecstatic and quickly introduced Drooper to the family addition; we taught Tina (as in Tina Turner – well, she did have big hair!) everything we knew.  I’d take Tina to dog shows by myself and we always returned with rosettes. 

As I grew up, I would take other people’s doggies for walks as a way of earning pocket money. It felt like all my Christmases and birthdays had come at once.  The passion never left; I befriended more dogs than you could imagine and became my friends’ ‘go to’ for dog walking and dog care. Yet, it took years for me to realise that I could turn my love into a career – it just felt too good to be true.  Yet, here I am loving and living my dream. 

It’s not just about love.  I also have a thirst for knowledge. Training to be a trainer and having access to so many dogs with such a wide variety of personalities has helped me to develop.

I live and breathe dogs.  I have trained with some amazing trainers who have the industry covered when it comes to knowledge. I cannot wait for you to join me and my furry crew to explore the next level of your dog’s intellect, security, mental and physical stimulation. Dog manners never looked so good, so come and join Drooper and I for the ultimate dog training