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Paws On Board

Dog-Walking & Dog-Training Service in
Bournemouth & Poole, Dorset

07800 859 732

Welcome to Paws on Board!

Hello, I’m Vicky Mansfield the owner of Paws on Board and together with Eve Coldwell I offer dog walking and dog training services. I also teach dogs how to surf.

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Who are we?

Paws on Board was founded by Vicky Mansfield and has recently been joined by Eve Coldwell. 

We’re based in Dorset, covering Bournemouth and Poole. A local focus, which means more time to spend with our dogs and less travel time for your four-legged friend.

Dog walking

Paws on Board offers daily dog walking services.

Whether you are looking for all day care or supplementary exercise, our dog walking service is packed with enrichment walks guaranteed to stimulate your dog’s senses.  We change routes daily and ensure a mix of environments to keep your Fido fascinated.


Dog training

Paws on Board offers professional 1-2-1 dog training.

Whether your dog barks and lunges at any opportunity, has separation anxiety or counter surfs in the kitchen, Vicky is on hand to help teach you and your dog the skills needed to create the dog you desire.

As a member of the largest and most exciting dog training community in the UK, Vicky has had the pleasure of learning from the best.  Dr Tom Mitchell, the UK’s leading vet/behaviourist and owner of Behavet, and Lauren Langman, a dog training expert, creator of Devon Dogs and a UK dog agility champion, who competes worldwide as part of Team GB. Together, they developed a remarkable form of training called ‘Concept Training’, which leaves other forms of training standing. They also created ‘Pro Dog Trainer’, a dog training system which I am incredibly proud to be a member of. My learning continues as I am a member of the ISCP and ICAN where I deepen my knowledge further into behavioural issues.

Dog surfing

Paws on Board offers the only dog surfing lessons in the area.

Whether its water confidence, balance or behaviour on a board that you want to improve, these unique classes are your gold dust.

Dog surfing lessons in Bournemouth